The Answer Witch (realmjit) wrote in iso_work,
The Answer Witch

The best interview I've ever had...

There's a certain freedom in talking to a friend that you don't normally have in the workplace. That freedom paid off for me today.

I tried one more temp agency, because an old friend works there. During the course of the interview, he mentioned that if he hadn't been the only one available to do any interviews, I'd be talking to someone else. Having said that, he stuck to compnay rules and policy, and didn't hire me.

He also explained *why* they won't hire me. It's something I can fix, and it might not take a planetary alignment to do so.

Now for t he downside.

I won't be hired because of my work history. In his words (here's the freedom thing), it sucks. It sucks because from 1998 to 2001 I've had 6 jobs, only one of which lasted more than 3 months. I was fired from the last three.

He suggested I get a "stupid job" (e.g McFood) and stick it out for six months, then come back.

This does beg the retort that if I could get a job anywhere else, and hold it for six months, I wouldn't need them...
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