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I had an idea

Considering how many of us use the web to find jobs, if not leads, why not consolidate them on one site?

I'm willing to host it on a page of my site, We could include a listing of Sites to Avoid Because they Charge Money, links to the better job sites (though if the sites want to provide a graphic, maybe we could charge them money and use it to get it a domain of its own.

If anyone can get in advertising dollars, figure 30% commission. I'm not looking to make a huge profit on this, more to help folks, and maybe give us all a chance to get a tiny income out of it.

No pop-ups.

I was thinking, butwe could also have a fundraiser/contest to name the domain. $1 per entry (to go towards registering the domain) winner to be chosen at random.

This is all stream of conscious stuff .. . throw me your thoughts, I'm a good coordinator, let's put 'em to work.
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